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Diversity and Inclusion at Chadwick Nott

Diversity and Inclusion at Chadwick Nott

At Chadwick Nott, we believe in fairness at work for people of all ethnic backgrounds. In line with this belief in 2020 we recognised that as a recruitment agency we must make a conscious and proactive effort to attract candidates of every ethnicity to the roles that we are working on for clients throughout the UK. With this objective in mind we have partnered with Rare, an organisation dedicated to increasing ethnic diversity in professions such as law, and put our name and commitment behind the following initiative:

We are in the early stages of implementing systems to track our success in promoting diversity in our recruitment activities and are working with Rare to establish reporting and action plans from this information.

Over the next 12 months we will be working with Rare to increase our awareness of this important issue and our aims include:

  • Ensuring our candidate database proportionally represents the UK’s ethnic diversity and any local regions within which we operate.
  • Ensuring our shortlists and speculative introductions proportionally represent the ethnic diversity of the relevant market.
  • Improving our understanding of the contextual backgrounds and experiences of all ethnic minority candidates, to better represent our candidates to our clients.
  • Ensuring everyone (including employees and candidates) receives clear messaging of our, and our clients’, zero tolerance policy towards racism.
  • Ensuring all staff within Chadwick Nott undertake ‘unconscious bias’ education courses as part of their ongoing training.