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First hand insights into working as an interim/ locum lawyer

I have been working with interim/ locum lawyers across the South West and South East region at Chadwick Nott for more than four years now. Throughout this time, I have worked with and placed a variety of candidates from paralegals through to partner level. These candidates have all opted to work on an interim/locum basis for a number of reasons, but some of the key determining factors include:

  • Flexibility to choose work schedule (full time, part time, remotely or on a consultancy basis)
  • Opportunity to travel and stay in different locations
  • Hand picking the types of firms you wish to work for
  • Variety of work and experience on offer
  • Extended periods of time off

Each interim/locum lawyer that I have spoken to has his or her own reasons and additional benefits of why they choose to work in this way, but above all, work life balance is by far many candidates’ main reason to work as an interim lawyer.

It’s great to see that working on an interim basis is not only a choice made by those wanting a career break, or for those who have retired from permanent positions, but also for a large proportion of people who see interim work as a genuine and sustainable career option.

To gain first hand insight into why lawyers increasingly choose this way of working, I spoke to an experienced lawyer, with whom I have worked closely with throughout my time at Chadwick Nott. This individual took the interim career path back in 2016 and isn’t looking back!

Bianca: What benefits do you see from working as an interim?

Locum: Greater flexibility, holidays when you want them, or shorter days if you have children.  Part-time work if you’d like that too!

Bianca: What difference does this way of working make to your lifestyle?

Locum: More time for my family and for myself! Lawyers need some downtime!

Bianca: What have been your best experiences gained working as an interim lawyer?

Locum: Working for and with some very experienced partners in some great law firms.  Greater responsibility.

Bianca: What challenges have you faced?

Locum: Maybe stepping outside of your comfort zone occasionally to cover varied matters that you may not be too familiar with.  Learning new case management systems.

Bianca: What advice would you give to friends or colleagues who are considering becoming an interim lawyer?

Locum: Do it!  You’d wish you have started it years ago!

Bianca: What benefits have you found with working with Chadwick Nott?

Locum: Bianca is great, listens to your requirements and negotiates all the finer details for you.

If you are looking for flexibility, returning from a career break, or just want to explore your options and hear more about interim roles, the market, and how working as an interim lawyer works on a day to day basis then please do get in touch. Likewise, if you are a temporary/interim lawyer, particularly with availability throughout the busy summer months, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Please do contact Bianca Gibbs at Chadwick Nott to discuss further:
0776 9241 524

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