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Working with Chadwick Nott – What Sets Us Apart?


I am very aware that there are a number of legal recruitment agencies you can work with, so why choose to work with Chadwick Nott? 


For any lawyer…partner to paralegal


The legal market is buzzing at the moment with lots of new roles and opportunities for any lawyer looking to move. Whether you are a partner thinking your law firm is not heading in the direction you’d like to go, an associate experiencing the glass ceiling effect or wanting to move to the country, a PSL looking for a promotion or an NQ looking for their first role on qualification, there are options out there. You just need to take the leap and look!  Below are some of the reasons to choose to work with Chadwick Nott.


  • We work as a team, both with the clients, and with each other in order to find the most attractive role for any of our lawyer candidates whether that be in the UK or internationally. So many of the Chadwick Nott consultants have worked together for years – 60% of our staff have been with the business for between 6 and 20 years.
  • These close relationships with clients including partner contacts allow us to open doors that may not be accessible to others. Over the years we have built trust with our clients so are lucky enough to have some influence on client decisions, especially when it comes to who to interview for certain roles.
  • Most of our recruitment consultants have worked as lawyers (from a partner or paralegals) or at the very least worked in the legal sector for most of their career. They know what the job entails, have a very good understanding of the types of legal work and understand the culture of law firms.
  • Chadwick Nott has four full service offices in London (1995), Manchester (2006), Birmingham (2005) and Bristol (1992), which have been established for a long time. Each office is able to offer both interim and permanent recruitment services and has therefore developed excellent market knowledge. Most of our consultants live in these key locations so have genuine knowledge of living and working in the different regions.
  • It is our belief that we are in it for the long term, so are committed to giving the right advice to the candidate whatever that means in terms of fees for the business. We sometimes work with lawyers for months or even years before we find the right role for them – others we have worked with for each of their career moves. Some moves happen very quickly, others take a longer period of time.

For any law firm

Reasons to choose us include:-

  • Client understanding: Clients always want to see their vacancies filled, so a team effort is the best way to guarantee that success.We work with you to get an in-depth understanding of your firm, the team culture, and the top priorities for the vacancy
  • With each Chadwick Nott office offering both interim and permanent recruitment services we have all worked hard at developing client relationships and we are committed to knowing our clients well. We are able to provide a variety of lawyers including document reviewers, paralegals, legal executives and solicitors from NQs to partners.
  • Our very experienced recruitment consultants regularly coordinate across our offices to fill our clients’ recruitment needs.We are able to access an impressive central candidate database (built up and managed over nearly 30 years) either from the office or remotely.
  • At Chadwick Nott, our consultants do not have “client ownership” so we all work together to serve the needs of the client.We want to work with you, as an extension of your team, in order to secure the right person to join your organisation.
  • We are signed up and committed to taking part in the Recruitment Agency Race Fairness Commitment (http://www.racefairnesscommitment.comto ensure we are providing equal hiring opportunities to everyone.Chadwick Nott is committed to Diversity and Inclusion, as evidenced by our internal D&I task force where we take a look at fair hiring practices including: Mental Health; disability; LGBQT+; Race, Culture and religious beliefs; gender equality and working parents; social mobility and age; and environmental and green initiatives.
  • Strong candidate vetting processes: we interview every candidate on our database, be that in person, over video conference or via telephone so we have a full understanding of their respective backgrounds and are sure that the CVs we send are right for the role they are being sent to
  • Compliance: We check every candidate’s qualifications and proof of right to work in the UK so you can be sure there will not be any hiccups at offer stage.This is one of the ways we endeavour to take the stress of the hiring process away from our clients.
  • Market reports: We offer clients market reports on a different geographical locations, practice areas, and experience levels.
  • We offer up to date and honest salary surveys to clients. These are created from real time data across our markets so we can give you the most authentic and clear information available.

In the current market conditions finding good quality candidates is fiercely competitive, so we make every effort to ensure success for our clients, our candidates and for our team.

To find out more, please do get in contact with me or any of my Chadwick Nott colleagues for an exploratory chat.

Jennifer joined Chadwick Nott in 2018 to specialise in knowledge management and paralegal recruitment, bringing 15 years of experience with her. She places qualified solicitors into alternative career roles in private practice in London.
T: 0203 909 5176
M: 0772 1874 1694

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