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Knowledge Management and Professional Support—everything you need to know

Fed up of Fee Earning? Looking for a new challenge without “wasting” your legal qualifications and experience? Need some sort of flexibility in your working hours? Or do you need more time to pursue a hobby or new business venture, but don’t want to step away from law? A role you may not have considered but should is Knowledge Management/ Professional Support.

Perhaps once seen as a step down or some kind of “back office librarian,” the role has developed and far exceeds its reputation. Chicken or egg, I’m not sure which happened first, but PSL roles are now well sought after and are filled with highly credible solicitors at all PQE levels.  But why are these roles so popular?



Not only do the majority of roles offer part time options (I have seen anything from 2 days to 5 days/week), but many firms are happy to consider flexible working patterns to cater for school pick-ups/drop-offs.  Remote working options are also usually fine and pretty standard practice.


Are you tired of cancelling plans because something comes in last minute keeping you in the office or up at home until all hours?  PSL roles are often 9-5 with little or no expectation to stay late.  As long as you manage expectations and complete projects/work on time then you are free to go!

Client contact

The majority of PSL roles have external client facing responsibilities which makes them far more attractive to fee-earners who enjoy the client aspect but perhaps wish to move away from fee-earning, or the pressure of billable hours.  You have the opportunity to remain market facing.

Career progression

The PSL/Knowledge Management market has developed considerably and there are many routes to grow and develop professionally as well as financially.  Roles and responsibilities vary hugely from firm to firm but there are several layers and levels of seniority–as well as the option to go off in a tangent into different types of roles within a firm or company (such as innovation, technology, project management, L&D, etc).

Make it your own

Many PSL roles offer the opportunity to really make the role your own.  Partners and KM teams will have their own objectives which will need to be considered but there is more often a real opportunity to mould the role into something that can add real benefit to your team.  Autonomy is a big bonus for these types of roles.

Financial benefits
PSL/Knowledge Management roles are very well paid considering there is no fee-earning responsibility.  Salaries vary anywhere from £70K to £160K – even rising into the £200K’s for very senior Partner/Head of roles.  Many firms will also pay discretionary bonus’s.

If you would like to hear about any current opportunities, or the wider PSL/KM market in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential discussion.

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