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Newly qualified solicitors: find your perfect job match Love Island style

It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer…So far so good.  Record breaking temperatures in the UK, England actually managed to hold their own up to the semi-final of the World Cup, and of course the main event – Love Island.  We’re galloping towards to the end of the fourth glorious series of what I consider the summer’s crowning glory of the television schedule and things are certainly hotting up.  My fellow viewers will know exactly what I mean, the drama has been unreal with the antics of muggy Meg, lothario Adam, and loyal Georgia.

The love island bug has affected the nation, that's for sure, and is hijacking evenings up and down the country.  For me that's not such a bad thing, however, when at work I am acutely aware that for many of my candidates the long hot summer is not primarily about catching Love Island, but rather making that huge step into their first position as Newly Qualified Solicitor. Is this to say that these trainee solicitors should turn away from their TVs at 9pm in favour of scouting the internet in pursuit of their dream job, or prepping for one of the most important interviews of their life to date? Abso-bloomin-lutely not!  There is much to be learned from our islanders and many parallels can be drawn between finding that all important love match and finding the job of your dreams.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You may have already been offered an NQ position at your training firm, but it is worth exploring all options. It is important to speak to multiple people—whether that’s other trainees at networking events, past colleagues, or even recruiters—to find out as much as you can about other firms.  Conversations may lead to you discovering a firm which may offer a better suited opportunity for your career needs. Loyalty is a great thing and commendable in any lawyer, but it is important to ensure you are considering your long term future prospects.

Challenge preconceptions

A role may suit you ‘on paper’, but workplace compatibility does not always follow this rule. The only way to determine whether a firm is a fit for you is to go along and meet as many people there as possible. It is no bad thing to have a number of different options, including the less obvious choices you may instinctively discount. You never know, you may find a firm where you have an even stronger connection.

Have someone in your corner

Having someone who can run through interview prep with you, give an honest opinion (whether good or bad), or distract you from a rejection is essential.  Change can be overwhelming, so having someone you can rely on during transition periods is immensely helpful.

Be willing to take a risk

There are times when playing it safe is a good idea, and there are times when it could be holding you back. Sticking with your training firm post qualification may offer comfort, but long term you may look back to regret the decision not to stretch yourself when you had the opportunity.

Sometimes there is something amazing round the corner

Don’t lose faith! You may face rejection but there is the perfect fit out there for you. Keep on applying and let fate take its course.

There will be ups and down, successes and failures and times where you have to consider your options carefully, and whilst keeping your options open, don’t be afraid to take up a good opportunity when it comes along. Challenges can be good and bad and risks can prove to be fruitful, so when making that first move, or if staying put is what works best for you, make sure you keep the door open just in case that perfect match comes along.

If you are ready to crack on with your search for an NQ opportunity, please get in touch with us, we promise not to mug you off!

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